"Los Angeles: Pt. Ravi Shankar introduced Indian Instrument Sitar in USA and Chakrapani Singh introduced Kachhapi Veena amoung us..... Chakrapani is

 an amazing artist. His music is fabulous. He brings India in US through his music."

   -  India Post,  USA

"Just intonation is also the preferred tuning system for Indian classical music, so it was felicitous that Thakur Chakrapani Singh also gave a recital

 at the festival. He performed on a slide guitar played in the manner of the traditional Indian veena. It was fascinating to hear this music on the

 guitar andwonderful to hear this intricate and beautiful style, having much in common with the sarod music of Ali Akbar Khan, performed on the


  -  SCOTT CMIEL,  chair of the guitar & musicianship dept @ SFO Consevatory of Music Preparatory Division and Director of the guitar program

  @ San Francisco School of Arts.

“Chakrapani has his own version of the souped up guitar which, as an instrument, has had several variations in recent years. Chakrapani’s guitar is not quite

 a guitar any more. It’s tone has the sarod’s piquancy joined to the lilt of the guitar, Caribbean and seaside. The thing is, Chakrapani is a first rate musician

 and that is the final test of any guitar or its allotropic form.”
  -  Raghava R. Menon, Times of India

“The founder of the World School of Music Thakur Chakrapani Singh laid a solid foundation for the training of Music and Dance under the Teacher & Pupil

   -  Hindustan Newspaper

“Apart from fusion some artists have made a remarkable attempt in presenting the traditional Indian Classical Music systematically on the pure style of

 Western Music. Thakur Chakrapani Singh is one of them. This versatile guitar player has developed this western instrument in accordance with Indian

 Music and has named it Kachhapi Veena. In Solo Recital & Music Composition he has made his own distinct place.”
  -  Hindustan Newspaper

“The entire Kiradoo complex surrounded by mountains got filled up with the rain showers of melodious tones by the typical Dhrupad recital of Guru Ganesh

 Prasad and gorgeous Guitar recital by Thakur Chakrapani Singh.”
  -  Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper

“Thakur Chakrapani Singh composed a piece “Chakra Suite” in a joint venture with U.S based musician Alex Shapiro in an album called “Alextronica.” He

 also worked with musician Tim Hoffman, which was a mix of the Japanese instrument Shakuhachi and Koto with the Kachhapi Veena.”
  -  The Hindu Newspaper

“Thakur Chakrapani Singh was excellent with his instrument and marvelously played the ragas to the appreciation of one and all.”
  -  Mahatama Gandhi Institute, Mauritius

“A different fusion concert at the Calcutta School of Music with French Guitar virtusuo and composer Philippe Loli in a jugalbandi with Kachhapi Veena

 player Thakur Chakrapani Singh. The music on offer – a blend of Western Classical, flamenco and jazz with Indian ragas – was something the audience isn’t

 likely to forget in a hurry.”
  -  The Telegraph Newspaper

“What happens when two people with tremendous music training and an ear for good music come together? Fusion, of course! That’s exactly what happened

 when classical musician Philippe Loli and classical guitar maestro Thakur Chakrapani Singh came together in a symphony . . . ”
  -  The Times of India Newspaper

“ . . so it was not surprising to find a number of expats enjoying the duo’s performance on western classical Guitar & Kachhapi Veena. Many of the crowd were

 even seen tapping their feet according to the rhythm of the music. The crowd broke into thunderous applause at the end of the concert . . . ”
  -  Deccan Chronicle Newspaper

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Chakrapani Singh

Kachhapi Veena (Classical Guitar) Virtuoso & Composer