Los Angeles: Pt. Ravi Shankar introduced Indian Instrument Sitar in USA and Chakrapani Singh introduced Kachhapi Veena amoung us..... Chakrapani is an amazing artist. His music is fabulous. He brings India in US through his music.

                         -  India Post,  USA

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Chakrapani Singh

Just intonation is also the preferred tuning system for Indian classical music, so it was felicitous that Thakur Chakrapani Singh also gave a recital at the festival. He performed on a slide guitar played in the manner of the traditional Indian veena. It was fascinating to hear this music on the guitar and wonderful to hear this intricate and beautiful style, having much in common with the sarod music of Ali Akbar Khan, performed on the guitar.   

-   SCOTT CMIEL,  chair of the guitar & musicianship dept @ SFO Consevatory of Music Preparatory Division and Director of the guitar program @ San Francisco School of Arts.

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Kachhapi Veena (Classical Guitar) Virtuoso & Composer